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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE- So, I have been successfully doing a post everyday the past few days, and it feels wonderful. And today I bring you something that I am SUPER excited about. Pictures of my Happy Planner... YES- if you are not part of the planning community, it is something you should look into. Decorating your planner, totally customizing it to your complete liking is a popular trend. For me it started with Bible Journaling, I love writing in my journaling bible with different fonts and it is actually a big trend. I ended up, through Bible Journaling, coming across planner decorating on Pinterest and I was immediately obsessed. This is a whole community guys, it is absolutely wonderful! I did some pinterest-ing, and tumblr-ing, and found the Create 365 Happy Planner ( HERE ), and instantly wanted one. I chose the Gold Dots planner, but I ended up falling in love with the black and white stripes on the inside of the cover so I switched them around. So the Gold Dots is the actual cover in case you are wondering. I decided I will probably switch it back once it gets more fall-ish. But anyway, I showed it to my friend Emily, she became obsessed as well, once mine was ordered **THIS PLANNER WAS PURCHASED WITH MY OWN MONEY** and she saw mine she ordered one as well ;) I ordered the planner, notebook/grid paper, and two sets of stickers. Shipping from CA to PA was faster than was expected and I am SO happy with my planner. I have been obsessing with it and I have been collecting stickers and things to put inside of it, I found Disney Character stickers so I am pretty sure I am going to be doing a Disney Plan with Me. Maybe next week. So a few reasons why I chose this planner, hmm well I guess one of the reasons is that it is similar to, but not exactly like the Erin Condren planners, if you love the EC planners don't get me wrong, they are amazing, but as a college student the HP was more affordable, and I honestly liked what I could do with the HP v. the EC because you can do so much more with the HP. I know some take out the EC and put it in the KiKI K planner system but that seems like a lot of work to me, but nothing against that if you do like your planner that way. The HP has a disc bound system and personally I had never heard or seen something like that before but I loved the idea that you could take pages in and out and I took out all the months that I won't be using for awhile, I have July-December (fall semester for me) and the rest I put in a plastic sleeve so they won't be damaged. I did add a few things, I made a fall schedule with my classes, I made an additional monthly calendar to keep track of my daily workouts, I created inspirational cards, I added tabs in the back of the planner where I keep my notebook paper, with like my goals, career ideas, blog post ideas, DIY's, Recipes, passwords, Action steps for my goals, etc. I was told by my professor that this semester will be a hard one for me, and I am determined to take control of the situation by being super organized this fall and using my time wisely. That is why planning is a huge part of my life, so now without further wait, because that was a long intro, here are the pictures!!

So to begin this is the cover (which is actually the inside, Gold Dots are the true cover)

 It has a page for your name and addresses etc. and I covered that for security reasons of course.

So this is a schedule I created for the fall, it is my fall class schedule, and they are, yes, color coded and when I write exams and assignments down I highlight them in the matching color. 
 On the left is my fitness tracker, where I write what I do during the day to keep healthy. Normally I swim, walk the dog, do yoga, or strength training with the SworkIt App. and on the right is this week. Now this week is a funny story because the planner doesn't start till July, so I've had two weeks where I didn't have anywhere to plan, so I photocopied a page, covered the dates and used a block a day, limited space but it works :)
Closer view of my fitness tracker. I did work out today but I forgot to write it down, this morning I did yoga :) 

this is what I meant by photocopying and using a day per box. this is last weeks spread.

this is what a monthly view looks like, I didn't show my other months because I have personal info on them but this is what it looks like blank. 

this is a blank week from September, and I made the little card thing on the right, I made a few to coordinate with the months colors and will move them week to week. 

closer view, this is VERY similar to EC planner, these boxes are slightly bigger, and there is a quote on the bottom not more lines but I love this anyway. 

So this is what I meant about the tabs in the back, I created a bunch of sections so everything is in one place and I absolutely LOVE IT!

This is next weeks spread and I can't wait to get into it more! I made the cards on the right

other page of next weeks spread. I covered where I am going because that is where my boyfriend lives but I think it looks cute. Oh that tape with the diamonds is actually NOT washi tape, its patterned scotch tape, i've been using that since I don't have any washi tape right now. 

So what would a planner post be without pens!? The black one is my FAVORITE PEN EVER, my handwriting looks gorgeous I love the fine tip, and its wonderful, it is the UniBall Signo Micro 207. I've also been using the PaperMate Flair pens which do not bleed through btw, and I have a pack of 16 and I use this blue one for my fitness tracker. 

So I hope you have enjoyed this post!! 




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