{Fashion} Top 10 Summer Pieces in My Wardrobe

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I am very excited to bring you a post inspired by minimizing my closet, and only really wearing what I love. When I got home from school in may, I went on a cleaning rampage. I have gotten rid of 6 garbage bags full of clothes and 3 garbage bags of just stuff... it has all been donated to a local charity and it feels so good! I've been scouring Pinterest for ways of maximizing my wardrobe without breaking the bank, my closet space or hangers lol and I ended up pairing down my closet based around the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe. I don't really have a specific set of clothes for summer as it is because I wore a uniform during the summer in high school, and I have to wear jeans and basic tee shirts to work now. And I also haven't had the confidence to rock cute summer clothes, but that is for another day. Now, these pieces are just for the top half of my body. So this does not include jewelry, scarfs, jeans, skirts, pants, etc. Just tops.
You might notice that there is kind of a similar color scheme going on, and that is because I have based my wardrobe around my coloring, and discovered most of the pieces I gravitated towards most, were ones that are perfect for my coloring, in case you want to know, I am a Winter. So I look better in blues, blacks, grey, purple, and honestly a lot of my wardrobe is that with the occasional pop of color. So here we go:

Black sheer blouse, I got this thrifting so I don't know where it is originally came from but I wear it endlessly and it is so chic. I do have to wear a tank top because it is very sheer.

This has been one of my favorite pieces since I bought it. This was a $5 find at Target while I was at school and I wear this all the time. I've worn it for presentations for my fashion classes and for Client Presentations in Graphic Design.

This is another thrifted piece that I love dearly, the color looks great and the gold accents hit the spot.

Gotta have that pop of color, this goes great under my cardigans or I have a couple of blazers it looks great under as well

denim shirts + leggings = perfection

This i actually got in Boise, Idaho in 2013 from Ann Taylor Loft. I have another one in dark blue, that is currently put away in a box with my winter sweaters. But this white one I think is definitely all year round. with the short sleeves it works well into the spring and summer months. 

Got this at a store near my hometown that sells name brand clothing at discounted prices and i have to say that i wear this ALOT

I know that this looks odd hanging up but this cardigan, (sorry another thrifted piece) is SO flattering and I wear it with everything

Vintage tee from Old Navy, soft, comfortable and classic. plus this color and the one below look good on me. I have this style of tee in probably 5 other colors but these two and a grey one are the ones that I wear the most. 

All of these items are basic. Easily mixed and matched and that is something that I truly love about the whole idea of a capsule wardrobe. 

More on this capsule wardrobe experience soon.




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