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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Well, hello all of you beautiful people. Long time I suppose. I hope everyone is doing well in this marvelous month of June. So much has been changing in my life; I'm going abroad again in 2016, I'm in a new relationship, I turned 20, I've minimized my wardrobe... hold up.. what? Yes, you read that correctly. I've gotten rid of 5 6 garbage bags filled with clothes (I donated them), and I only kept pieces that I love dearly. I'm obsessed with "Capsule Wardrobes" and "Packing Light" because I am going to be living abroad in 2016 and must past for 4 months in one suitcase, check out my Pinterest board HERE on "packing light" and capsule wardrobes. Also you can check out my other pins if you want ;)

I'm excited for what this summer is bringing. I am trying to be healthier, I have a FitBit (my mother bought it for me thinking that it will help me to be healthier) and it is AMAZING! I plan on doing a post about it (I actually have a list of posts that I want to do, I think currently i'm at like 80 or something ;) ).  I've been eating better, getting up before work to walk the dog, and my bike is fixed now so I can ride it in the morning and I am super excited. And today I re-arranged my room and it feels SO MUCH BIGGER, and has a good vibe to it. I will be able to lay out my yoga mat and do some stretches and a quick workout my boyfriend (he is a exercise science major) made for me.

I hope all of your summers are going well, you will be hearing from me soon!




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