DIY Tumblr Inspired Wall Hanging

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

HELLO LOVLIES- I am back here on the blog today, I am really trying to make a effort to do what I love. I feel like I've been distracted recently, with school, a new relationship, switching majors.. you know all of that piles up, up and up. And I want to get back into things that I am super passionate about but have put on the back burner, like writing stories, blogging, watching makeup videos on YouTube, and therefore in this spirit of being healthier, working out more (which is a great start to my day btw) I want to bring the back burner items to the front. So yesterday I was watching YouTube Videos because it is fun, and I've been into watching like "healthy living" type of videos and eventually came across this DIY from MamaMiaMakeup, link to video HERE (opens in new tab), I was totally in love. Now, normally I watch these videos and go "ah, that would be so cute but I don't have time for that" well, today I MADE TIME. And completed the Wall Hanging from the video. It was a blast, it looks UH-Mazing, and my boyfriend even said "that's cute babe" so 5 stars for this DIY! Here are a few images of this awesome DIY! (And do you like my new banner? I decided to make it a little more creative and fun, and I honestly love it, but let me know what you think!!)

 So I made two different hangings, originally I had just made one, but then I ended up making a second one for above my bed because I loved the look so muchh! I might make another bigger one for above my bed like the one by my mannequin but for now it will do!
So "tumblr" (lol)

This project is really simple and so gorgoeous, this would actually be a really cool backdrop for photos for a wedding or something along that line. Sorry, distracted Kelsey here lol. Anyway, I just took some thin twine, and first tied it to the stick at both sides with enough slack in between so it would sit where I wanted it on the command hooks. Then I tied it on the string so it was hanging vertically and hug it up so I could cut the length of the string to my liking. Then I cut and added more string to it across the branch. 

 So for the triangles I cut them out of scrapbook paper, and taped the string to the backside of one piece and then rolled the tape into a donut to add the second piece. I didn't know how many pairs of triangles I needed, so I had many extra, but I will save them and use them for something else. For a video instruction for any clarifications, check out the video link above to see how Mia did it.
And, the aftermath... string on the floor, paper everywhere, I should probably clean that up once I finish writing this post. I hope you have enjoyed this DIY and let me know if you do it! I know I would love to see it and I'm sure Mia would as well.




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