Work Out Inspo

Monday, June 22, 2015

Work Out Inspo

Hello beautiful people of the blogger-world; I mentioned in my last post about how I am trying to be healthier and lead a more active lifestyle and so today I bring you a work out gear post.

I am going to list and then talk about the items above:

1. A good sports bra: This is essential for women. Especially as a woman with a larger bust, and those of you with larger busts can agree that trying to concentrate on your work out but having your bust bouncing can make you feel uncomfortable, distracted, and unfocused. A sports bra that keeps my chest secure leaves me able to focus on what I am doing completely, not to mention they come in really cute colors and styles.
2. Yoga Capris/leggings: As someone who doesn't really like shorts, work out capris are a must have. My favorite ones are from Old Navy's Active line. They are comfortable and I always am complemented on them. 
3. Favorite Headphones: Headphones or earbuds are a must for working out. Create the perfect workout playlist using Spotify, Pandora, or buy a few songs and make your own playlist. I really like the new Fall Out Boy, and Imagine Dragons albums for working out. 
4. Perfect Kicks: My dad just recently bought my a new pair of sneakers from Adidas and I absolutely love them. Normally I go for black sneakers, but I fell in love with a pink pair and wow they are neon, but I love them anyway. Comfortable sneakers are good for supporting your knees, back and posture while working out.
5. Water is essential: Find a water bottle, doesn't have to be fancy, and drink, drink, drink. Water is essential, 75% of Americans are dehydrated, and that is not good. I've been drinking ALOT more water and keeping track with my FitBit app, and I feel better, and even feel less hungry throughout the day.
6. FitBit: Now this is not an essential, a classic pencil and paper will do with a pedometer, but if you have the opportunity to get a FitBit or something similar, they are absolutely incredible. Mine keeps me accountable and I find myself checking it often to make sure I achieve my step goal. With FitBit you can also log what you eat, your water intake, and it can wake you up in the morning with vibrations. Which at first I wasn't sure if that would wake me up, but it does! I have the FitBit Charge, and I absolutely love it.
7. Hair ties: Get your hair out of your face and out of mind! I braid my bangs back, or use a hair band to keep my hair in place while it is in a pony tail or bun. 




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