{Fashion} Weekend Capsule Wardrobe

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Capsule Wardrobe

Something that I have really discovered my love for while being abroad is packing for a weekend trip. And, packing for a weekend is so much easier with a capsule wardrobe. I will most definitely be doing more posts about capsule wardrobes in the future, because they are an incredible time saver and really streamline your wardrobe. They are actually really popular right now with bloggers such as Unfancy, and Project 333. The whole idea behind capsule wardrobes are doing more, with less. Having a wardrobe that is cohesive, mixes and matches to perfection, and makes it easier in the morning to get dressed. Which, is very true. I created a capsule wardrobe in the fall of 2015, it began with searching for hours on Pinterest about what to pack to travel abroad, and I fell in love. I redid my whole wardrobe, with what I had. I did buy a few things. Like a striped button down, and 4 tees from H&M (white, grey, olive, and wine). But I went through my clothes, picked my favorite tops and realized that there was a theme, and I ran with it. Flash forward to here in Ireland, and the capsule wardrobe makes it a breeze to pack. The items above are some that I have in my closet (might not be same brand), and I will be packing for this weekend. **Sorry everyone, this post went up a day late**

1) white tee shirt - a true classic piece and essential to any women's wardrobe. Can go with anything. 
2) Grey tee shirt - like the white tee. it is a classic essential for any women's wardrobe. 
3) Graphic tee - I chose the Carpe Diem one because I do have one similar with "Carpe Diem" written on it, except it is black, but either color would go with this weekend capsule. 
4) Red cardigan - I have one from Charlotte Russe, and I wear it all the time. It is lightweight, and looks really good on. 
5) Cheetah print scarf - Another essential.
6) Sneakers - When running around Ireland, comfy shoes are essential. Just a couple of options. 
7) Jeans - two options. I have black jeans and lighter jeans with me here and I will probably just take one pair, but no one is going to notice that I've worn them for the whole weekend. Jeans are something that can be worn a few times before needing to be washed. 

Let's put it together. All these pieces can be worn mixed and matched together and look chic. That is the magic behind it. The white tee can be worn with the scarf or the cardigan, or with both. As well as the other tee shirts. Light or dark jeans could be matched with all the outfits, and the grey or white sneakers would also work with any of those combinations. I actually really like grey sneakers. I need to get a pair (mine are white). Another thing I wanted to quickly mention were the color swatches. Choosing colors that go well together and compliment each other make creating the wardrobe, and choosing items for the weekend a lot easier. 

Let me know if anyone wants to see more of these types of capsule wardrobe posts! Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask :) 



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