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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Apartment Inspiration #1

Safavieh beige rug, €325 / Soma quilted coverlet, €305 / Blissliving Home queen quilt set, €80 / Kate Spade bed accessory, €53 / Royal Doulton polka dot plate, €36 / Travel coffee cup, €18 / Coffee mug, €13 / Bone china, €5,50 / Pavilion broadway, €6,93 / Wall bookshelf, €280 / Multi color throw pillow, €145 / Framed wall art, €125 / PBteen flower wall art, €36 / Surya pink throw pillow, €51 / Surya pink throw pillow, €39 / PBteen colorful throw pillow, €35 / Ameriwood black sofa, €150

I'm so excited to announce that I am going to be starting a "Home" series of inspirational posts from Polyvore. My boyfriend and I are moving in together starting in May (right when I get back from Ireland we will have the apartment -eeeep!!) and I am super excited to be able to get creative in our space. I'll still be living at home for this summer, due to working full time near my hometown, but I will cleaning out my room and gradually taking things to our apartment. It is exciting and scary to be moving out from my childhood home, but I am looking forward to it! This will be the source of lots of DIY's this summer, budgeting/finance posts, "home" inspiration and vision boards, and I am really excited. 

My boyfriend has given me permission to decorate how I like, and I can't wait. We will have two bedrooms, and we have agreed that I can have the second smaller one as an office space/closet (YES!).  Then the typical living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom, pretty standard. 

We will be doing LOTS of DIY-ing, his sister is giving us a dining room table that I am going to be painting and also tons of kitchen supplies, his dad is giving us the leather couch that was in his old apartment, my parents might be giving me the desk from in the dining room. So I have a general idea of what I want the space to look like. Outside of my office area, the whole apartment will be fairly neutral in colors and style. I am going to enjoy being able to decorate but I also don't want it to be "too girly" for him. My office on the other hand ;) will be pinks and golds and light colors. 

So, we will be getting (& he agreed to) a white comforter on our bed. And I'll be buying, or making, some bright pillows to put on it. I have a lavender rug that I will be putting in my office, but I'm thinking a more neutral one with a pattern, like the grey one above for in the living room. 

I'm super excited for this series and I hope you are too! 



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