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Sunday, April 10, 2016

On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 in my junior year of high school, I began a journey into the blogging world. I can't believe that I've been writing HelloSimpleMe for 4 years now. I know I've been off and on with it, but I work full time during the summer, and during the school year, I want to blog but activities and homework end up consuming me. 

Today, I'm going to be talking about getting off the computer, phone, ipad, and really being in the moment. Once I am done writing this post, I am taking myself to dinner. I watched a video today about how we as the younger generations are literally glued to our phones and the little screens all of the time you can't go to dinner without having somebody on their phone. Part of it isn't our fault, our society has become engrossed with the computer, with those tiny screens. It also mentioned our relationships. That instead of building friendships face to face we are counting how many "friends" we have on Facebook. How many of those people actually care? That is the real question. So, here are a few ways that I like to unwind from my screens, and just be. 

1) Reading - What better way to relax than to read? To open a book and be transported to another place, another city, country, world, universe. To be someone else for a few hours, to fall in love with the characters and feel their emotions. That is what is so incredible about reading, the way the writers use words to take us away and out of ourselves, placing us in someone else for awhile. 

2) Journaling - I love to journal. I have countless journals from probably 6th grade all the way to now. And it's incredible and sometimes painful, reading back through them. But someday when I'm older, and forgetful, having them will be worthwhile. 

3) Setting goals - One of the things that I love most is setting goals. To daydream about all the things that I want to do and accomplish in this life and write them on paper. Then break each dream down into action steps, then break it down more and more, until there is something I can do everyday towards reaching those goals. 

4) Planning - Or scrapboooking, whatever you prefer. I don't scrapbook much although it is something that I would like to get into someday when I have more time someday. I plan in my Filofax. I plan to keep my sanity with school, but I also enjoy decorating my planner, and I actually use a lot of scrapbooking supplies to decorate my planner. It is calming for me, and I like being creative with decorating and trying new things. It's a lot of fun for me.

5) Coloring - I am a HUGE coloring freak. I have way to many coloring books and I enjoy all of them. I find my coloring to be so relaxing. 

So there you go, a few things that I do when I unplug from all the screens and just want to be. 




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