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Saturday, April 9, 2016

I'm a planner addict. I will announce it loud, proud and to pretty much anyone who will listen to me. I think planning your days out keeps you 1) on track each day 2) focused - what do I specifically need to do today? and 3) organized - what days do I work again? For me, it is essential. Especially as a college student, I have roles in so many groups and have so many projects due (especially as an art major), that without my planner I would be lost, and constantly hidden under a load of reminder sticky notes. I'll tell you a little bit about my planner journey. I have used a planner for as long as I remember, but it wasn't until last summer, when I came across the Me and My Big Ideas, The Happy Planner, that I really got into the planner decorating community. I bought my Happy Planner last summer, I did a blog post about it actually, and I really enjoy decorating and playing with that planner. In August 2015, I bought my first Kikki-K planner, and fell in love with the 6 ring system. It is easy to take things in and out, and I love the possibilities of customization that comes with it! I actually ended up putting my Happy Planner inside of my Kikki-K! (Which is ironic, because in my HP post I talk about how I wouldn't put the HP in the Kikki-K because of how time consuming it was... and I ended up doing just that AND- it didn't take as long as I thought it was going to. So way to go Kelsey) I loved the HP inside of the Kikki-K, and I enjoyed that system. (Side note: I did not actually put the WHOLE happy planner in my Kikki-k, the wonderful thing about the arc bound system is that you can take pages in and out with ease. I only had the months of fall 2015 in the planner, and my 2016 pages are still in the arc bound system.) And then, to even further fuel my obsession, my amazing boyfriend, bought me a Filofax for Christmas. And I have been religiously using her, its a Filofax A5 Saffiano Leather Planner in Raspberry. And she is gorgeous * insert heart eyes emoji here lol* and that is the planner that I will be showing you today.

  That is my boyfriend and I, at the first football game of the season in the fall. He's the one who bought me the planner :)

 This is this past week. It's kind of funny, because I've always been a horizontal planner, until I got my HP, even then I was still into my horizontal inserts, at least for school. But the filofax comes with Vertical inserts, and I ended up using them, and making do. And I actually really, really, love planning vertically. I have hoizontal inserts as well I was trying to use, but I found myself coming back to the vertical ones! I can't wait until I am home from Ireland and can start using my HP again (I didn't bring it along to Ireland).

 OH! So that brown piece of paper with the dates and the stuff crossed out, is actually my daily spending. Not the amount, but just to mark if I did spend money or not that day. Being abroad is very expensive, and so I am trying to do my best and keep a budget.

 So this section is simple, it is just wishlists. Wishlists about planner goodies, clothing,  apartment decorating, Christmas (etc)
 This is probably my favorite section of my planner. My #girlboss section, in this section I keep everything for my future empire lol, blog post ideas, YouTube video ideas, ideas for stickers for my Etsy shop, a tracker for my instagram, everything like that :)
 This is just really a notes section, filled with notes on various things, such as minimalism, and packing for trips and capsule wardrobes.
 I started this in January of doing daily journaling pages in my filofax, and this is that section.
 Mini zipper pouch that has ticket stubbs from various things that I've done while here in Ireland.
 Financial section, so daily spending, monthly goals, debt tracker.
 Pouch that currently only holds a drawing by my boyfriend
 Filler note paper in the back.

So that is my planner! I hope you enjoyed seeing inside, and keep a look out for more planner related posts!



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