My hair & makeup for the day 7/23

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey everyone! I just randomly decided to curl my hair & do my makeup. I feel so pretty when I'm all dolled up haha:) So For my hair I used a 1 in. curling iron by Vidal Sassoon - Its old and blue but hey it still works! &for my makeup I did some more coverage than i usually would because i've been breaking out a bit lately I was stressing out from work yesterday &woke up with a couple pimples. Joy. It happens tho haha. & I used E.l.f. Eyeliner waterproof pen (review coming up soon- Requested by Kelseylovescosmetics!) for my awesome cat eye- which turned out better than i planned bc no matter how hard i try it never looks good haha but it worked today! &Maybellines Falsies in Black Drama for my mascara.  So i hope you'all enjoy today's look and lemme know what you think! Oh, btw how are the word searches coming along?! :))

                                                                      these are UNEDITED btw  the lighting was just perfect.

p.s. Guess who's now hanging out with the birddd? ;) Follow me on twitter!

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  1. Replies
    1. Awww Thank You very much:) Hearing that makes my day!

  2. you're so beautiful !
    Thank you for being a reader on my blog & thank you so much on the congrats on my new home! I can't wait till move in day! I'm so excited to share pictures with all my followers! I'm now following your blog too! Looking forward to your posts!

    1. Thank You so much!!! :) & your VERY welcome!! :) I bet your excited! That's something so big, and sooooo amazing!! We can't wait to see the pictures!! Decorating is so much fun! hehe:) & Thats good! I'm glad to hear that you are looking forward to them!! :D

  3. you're too cute!
    I'm kinda jealous of the way you curled your hair...

    1. Aww haha:) I could do a post about how I curl my hair! how's that sound? :)


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