a few things i'm totally loving at the moment

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So this isn't my monthly favorites but i've just been loving this stuff lately and had to share haha:)

yepp. Hello Kitty Dial Soap. I LOVE IT. It smells sooooo good too!

Had this since May- My hair stylist gave it to me along with a little manicure set for Prom!
(does'nt say what the color is- sorry)

 SOooooooooooooooo amazing. I've had this since idk like novermber? there is only a little Bit left so I gotta repurchase this before school starts!

Got this earlier this month. SPF. Check. Light Coverage. Check. Perfect for summer? Yes.

(review coming soon) Really liking this. getting more used to the tip as i use it everyday.

Clinique eyeshadow in Buttermilk- my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE highlight color. I HIGHLY recomend this. If you can get your hand on this?! GET IT. Its matte and utterly pigmented and smooth, omgsh this is my 3rd sample palette with this color and as you can see i've made a dent. (used EVERDAY!)

Thrifting! I've been getting alota great deals lately. & I got this purse thifting, last friday, this is the  Queen by Queen Latifa (sorry if that's spelled wrong)

Radio Station. Country. Idk why but I've been listening to it ALOT recently.

Pride & Prejudice annd Lord of the Flies. Enough said. Lol. Classic novels everyone should read. (which I HAVE to read for my AP english class this upcoming year)

What things are YOU loving or hating- at the moment??



  1. Omg , I love that Hello Kitty Soap its in my bathroom right now, smells like grapefruits!


    1. Agreed- It's soooo yummy & so cute! I'm Hello Kitty obsessed so its perfect:)

  2. Aw, cute soap. I'm loving solitude for the moment.



    1. Thanks:) I love hello kitty. &Solitude is always good hahaha I like being bymyself, more time for thinking haha


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