so i'm thinking that I just have good luck finding purses

Friday, July 6, 2012

.... yepp. It's friday and that means working at the reatail shop today! It's a bag sale which means that you can fill a brown paper bag (like a grocery one) and you can fill it with as much as you can and you only have to pay$5.00 per bag. So I filled a bag, I got a sheer top with a cute detail around the coller, a bright blue dress, a blazer/cardigan thing, fancy black gloves, purple bowtie which i'm going to turn it into a headband, and then 3 purses. I have yet to take pictures of the purses for on here but when i do I'll put them in a new post, so I was in the back room looking at the purses and this one catches my eye and i pull it down and look inside and guess what the label said ( I seem to have alot of these moments :P )...... COACH. yepp. Coach. Guess who is totally and utterly excited?! Me:) haha Its small and navy and I need to look around the store and see if i can find the long strap thath goes on it- to use as a cross body but it has this cute little handle and ohhh man i'm just so excited. I just have good luck finding purses hahaha:) I hope it continues!

i'll post pictures soon:)



  1. That sounds like such an awesome sale!! I wish we had something like that where I live!

    XO J

    1. Oh yeah! Its great! &Volunteering there has its perks haha:)


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