Sydney Snippets: the cat's meow#1

Friday, July 13, 2012

Since I (thee Cat) am home alone- since the family left for the weekend I decided to check out Kelsey's 'Blog' and decided I would surprise her and do a post. Since I spend my day's sleeping in her room- preferably in her closet on her shelves; Usually on her sweatpants or random teeshirts which I have laid claim too, I decided to stay awake for a bit and do a post. hehehehe. She has nooo idea that I even knew how to put the password into her laptop- I'm lucky she left it open though because as being in the feline species- I (sadly) have no aposable thumbs. *tear* So I decided when she's at work or is away I will do my OWN series of posts. As long as the dog doesnt find out about this; it will be fun. It's not like I dispise the dog- but as a feline we are just naturally enemies of sorts. Ya know? Cat's and dogs- the two just dont mix. Well that's all for now I believe- I'm off to snuggle some black sweatpants ;)

ta ta &meows.
~ Sydney


  1. awesome! Just followed you too! Thanks for such a sweet comment. Come back soon <3

    1. Aww your welcome!! I definitely will! &you too! <3


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