Teen Vouge

Monday, July 9, 2012

Has anyone else noticed how much Teen Vouge has CHANGED in the last couple months? Usually I just skim through it then put it on my shelf, but I think since around May, I've been looking forward to the magazine coming in the mail each month.I've actually really read the articles and looked at the pictures! They must've uped thier game or somthing to compete more with Seventeen Magazine, and they really hitting the mark. I got the magazine a few days ago but didnt open it till yesterday and WOW. I was marking pages, and reading all the articles.... you can say I was pretty impressed. So impressed I had to do a post about how impresses i was hahaha 

&btw i am so proud of myself, i managed to check off every item on my to do list today... I'm pumped.
&I got a new phone todaaaay, Samsung Brightsideee. Pretty cool little phone. haha



  1. This is awesome! Great blog, loved it! Come by and let's follow each other? I'd love to do that;) xx


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