Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorry I've been MIA. Summers upon us and i've just been doing random stuff haha. Busy bee.
BUT i have been productive via looking thru magazines and tearing pages out for beauty&fashion inspiration! I titled a random notebook Blog&Youtube and in it i've been putting ideas for posts, and pictures of makeup looks to try and hair tutorials i want to do and fashion inspiration. I also have been reading since I have 4 summer reading books for my AP english class and guess what?! I'm not done with one. And i have only 2 months left. BLAH! <---- which is odd because I lOVE to read haha. but anyway, I also rearanged my room so my vanity would have more natural lighing so i've been doing that the last couple days, and doing collages on my wall( now i have 4 and more coming soon), you all know my obsession with collages! Hahaha:) I might film a video today once i feel like getting out of my pajamas... yeah even tho its 2:34 in the afternoon, can you see I'm lazy during the summer?! I also have to work out today- i've been lazy about that too hahaha. I'm also having a random thought about making an etsy store... i'm quite thinking about it haha:) I will update you guys on that soon:) So yeah! But I have a page almost filled with post ideas and also YoutTube Videos ideas so I will definintely be doing lots of those! mhmmmm.. :)


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