Ann Taylor&Bookstore HAUL

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ann Taylor LOFT was having a HUGE sale yesterday so we (Mom, sister and I) went in to pick a few things up. The top two sweaters (White and dark blue); I bought. And they were $6.88 each@ final price. I picked these up for school in the fall because we get very cold winters where I am going to University and I knowwwwwww that alot of people in Fashion say not to get the same shirt in different colors but I did it anyway. (plus @$6.88 that was a really good deal). The black one and the blue cardigan my mother bought (last minute grab out of my hand) and i bought the cardigan as a XL because I lovee oversized cardigans (although it wasnt to oversized). 
 Mum suggested that I pick up some new tank tops so I chose them in white, nude, and black, pretty basic. They were $14.50 each on sale 1/2 off so they were aprox $7.25 each. (My mum paid for them) I got them in XL even though i would normally fit in a L but at this point I have decided not to be defined by the little XL sticker. If its a XL, oh well. It fit nice and actually looked really good, skimming over everything perfectly. I am by no means perfect, and never will be but little by little I will be more comfortable with the way God made me. 
So speaking of being comfortable with myself I bought these pins at the bookstore we visited. The black and White ones I am keeping but the middle one I am giving to a friend of mine once I get back because it reminded me of her :)
BOOOOKKKKSS:) The Jane Austen books were bought at a used book sale($5 for both). And Eeanor & Park($18.99) I bought when I got the buttons at the bookstore along with a little zebra notebook which I forgot to take a picture of (whoops).

Hope you enjoyed my little haul!



  1. Jane Austen!! Those are such pretty editions too : ) Love a good shopping haul

    1. yeah! I loveeeee Jane Austen; absolutely fantastic! &They totally are! The yellow one actually has three novels in it so I am super excited to have them in one book! &Thanks! :)


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