Small HAUL: Vera Wang + More!

Monday, July 29, 2013

So I have a Haul for you from yesterday! We went shopping to pick up my mattress pad for my dorm room but then ended up getting some school clothing items as well. So above you can see I ended up with a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Canvas Shoes in the Style of 'Vaughn'. Its kinda a funny story about these shoes because I was sitting in Bon Ton putting on the black flats (see picture below) and I looked up on the shelf in front of me and sale the Ralph Lauren Box- and a couple days before my mom bought me some Ralph Lauren Socks (Which are amazing btw), but anyway I got up and walked to the box and opened them and knew it was meant to be.. why you ask? Well, because they are purple! And thats my favorite color :)

I tried on these Super Stretch Bootcut jeans from Simply Vera Vera Wang and omgsh... they are seriously like sweatpants....AND were on sale for $15 ;) The other pair are jeggings from Elle and they where on sale for $5 ! So I made out well :)
My mom told me if she bought me new flats I had to retire the other ones I have- So I said yes so here are my Ronnie Black Flats from Studio Works! :D
Rue 21 was having a jean sale so I stopped in there and looked through the jeans there as well. I am a jeanaholic because I dont really wear dresses or skirts although I want to get into that more, but I normally wear jeans everyday and these two were on sale for $5 each! So I seriously made out well with getting some back to school jeans :D


what are your back to school essentials?


  1. can't wait to see all of these in outfits :)

    1. I'm excited as well! I'm sure that the Vera Wang Jeans will be seen a lot! :)

  2. Im looking forward to your outfit posts :)



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