Whats in my purse?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In the right pocket was my mirror my mom bought me from Ross for christmas a couple of years ago, along with a sunscreen babylips, Clinique Long Lasting Lipsticks in Sugared Maple and a fortune cookie from North Carolina that says 'The Weekend ahead predicts enjoyment' which I thought was perfect because I was having SO much fun in North Carolina. and on the left is a New Oleans coin from when we went Gem Panning in North Carolina.
Here is what the inside of my purse looks like. Kinda messy I know :)
Okay, so this is the actual contents of my purse. Starting on the left we have my Phillis headphones all wrapped around crazily with a hairtie. Then we have a little brush, some Victoria Secret Pink Body spray, Goody Ouchless hairties, the little yellow circle item is actually Lemon Scented nail polish remover pads that my Mom bought for me to have on our trip. Then we have my purple wallet, which I don't normally carry an actual wallet; I normally just use that little red circular flower pouch you see above my wallet (on the Marilyn Monroe Keychain which I bought in north Carolina spontaneously at the Mall). Then is my red comb which comes in handy for long hair, then my vera bradley pouch in 'Ribbons' (it was a gift set of three and this is the middle sized one; the set was a christmas gift). My bath and body works mini Germ-X in the scent White Citrus. The red sequined looking item is a headband that I wear occasionally and keep in my bag to get my hair out of my face. And last is another vera Bradley item, its a mini notebook in my FAVORITE pattern, 'Folkloric' (my college backpack is in this pattern actually) and this was a gift from my grandmother for my birthday to match my backpack and purse, it was in a set of three little notebooks.
Okay so inside the Ribbon pouch is where things get interesting, one can consider this my "emergency kit' since it has lots of random items that I may need occasionally. inside are (not in specific order): bobby pins, 2 lucky charms from Japan in Disney's Epot, Braces Bands from my sister which I use as hair ties, small clear bag for jewelry, mini sewing kit, deodorant towel, floss, mini mascara, mini hairspray, mini Clinique foundation,  makeup sponge, soft lips lip balm, mini breath mint, the green circle actually opens up and has sheets of soap inside for washing hands, ELF oil Shine Eraser blotting sheets, tissues, lots of BandAids (I believe they are hello Kitty) and two more hair bands that currently i've been using to tie my hair back because they dont make a crease.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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