She Earrings

Sunday, July 7, 2013

 I'm currently sitting on my pastors couch as I write this. We had a 'Girls Lock Down' and all of the girls from our youth group stayed at the pastors house with the Pastors wife, and the boys went with the Pastor to a different location about a hour away. 
Around 1 a.m. we started to make jewelry and I was immeditly drawn to those Word Beads shown in the picture above. They really caught my eye and I decided to use them when making some jewelry. The She beads I used I thought we super adorable because when they are flipped they say He on the other side and I thought that was romantic. So I just wanted to show you'all my favorite pair of earrings that I made.
time for a close up!

And here is what they look like whenever they are in my ears. They are super stiff but they dangle just right :)



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