Pink Nail Flower Tutorial

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The first step is putting on a base Coat. This is Sally Hansen hard as nails in Crystal  Clear.   Its a really nice base coat or can be used nicely by itself.
Second step is using choosing and putting on your base coat. For mine I chose Sinful Colors Professional in 24/7. (its so pretty)
Then taking L.A. Colors Art Deco in White... ( having this in white comes in handy not just for tutorials like this but for doing french tips as well. And all of the L.A Colors nail polishes were $1 and the sally Hanson was $2 and the Sinful colors was $1.99 so not very expensive whatsoever. )
I drew a star. Dragging the brush across once then two more strokes at different angles, therefore getting the star effect. Then taking the L.A Colors Art Deco in Intense Pink I Drew a star opposite the white one. As seen in the below picture.
So here is the darker pink star in between the white star. Now we make another star with a lighter pink from L.A colors called Baby Pink. As seen below.

and with that you draw a third star but on top of the white star. but be sure to leave room so you can see the white of the first star.
The second to final step will be taking another L.A Colors Art Deco in Ice Breaker and adding one diagonal line of silver glitter to your nails. On your left hand from the middle it would go outwards towards your right hand and on your right hand from the middle it would go towards your left hand. As seen below.

Thumb is at a angle I apologize, but I think you can guess what I mean :)
And here is the final design. The last step would be to put your base coat on top of the nails when finished to act as a top coat and keep the design! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I explained it clearly. let me know below if you need any clarification! And let me know if you do this nail look- i would love to see :):)



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    1. hahaha its takes practice :) I am obsessed with doing my nails!

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  3. wow! cute! you have the skills, very artistic:)


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