Life Is Good

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life Is Good

Above is pretty much what my day has consisted of. I slept in till 2PM ( I was also up till 2AM watching Sherlock on my laptop with my Cat), ate lunch, did Zumba, played Mario Kart for a couple of hours, put a new laptop skin on my computer, and now I am sitting in the  Media Room under a REALLY REALLY amazingly soft blanket. 

I am so happy to be home. I'm content being here and I'm a very happy girl being here with my Family. 
(Although I feel like break will go way to fast- UGH)

Are everyone's home's decorated for Christmas? Ours is all decorated and its so pretty. We have two trees (one real- living room, and the other is fake- dining room), the Nativity Scene is sitting upon the counter between the kitchen and living room (its like a open wall/window),   my sister took it upon herself to wrap garland down the staircase, and presents sit under the tree and upon the cabinets in the Kitchen (my mom does that every year).

 I am now going to look at Pintrest for Christmas ideas... 



  1. I am so obsessed with vintage and floral printed teacups right now so this post is so perfect! And I've been thinking of going to Zumba.. Is it any good?

    1. The teacups are so gorgeous- I, as well, are obsessed with teacups. My grandmother LOVES teacups so the love of them runs inside me as well. & Personally I think Zumba is fantastic! Its so much fun! My university has classes, and I do it at home as well! Its such a awesome workout!


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