Sunday, December 22, 2013


I may have mentioned this before but I am itching to get out of the United States and travel the world. I have a huge case of wanderlust going on in my mind- I've been spending hours on the travel section of Pintrest just looking at all these images of different places and watching travel related movies (my favorite is Eat, Pray, Love- its seriously my favorite), I have even been saving images on my laptop of travel related items. My travel pintrest page has been exploding with images in the past few days. Soon I'll be logging on to the Travel Network everyday. I am reading travel blogs and just becoming more and more restless with this urge to travel. 

I've been dreaming about dancing in Bali, eating food in Italy & Visit my family there, having a romance in France, hiking in Iceland, visiting Ireland, traveling the outback in Australia. 

There are also places in the United States that I want to visit but- my desire to go to Europe is growing stronger than ever. I want to buy a better camera, a leather backpack, pack my luggage and travel across Europe. My friend Matt did it after he graduated college, and hearing his stories? I want to go so badly. 

My plan is France this May, then my Junior year the fashion department will go to Italy in May 2016 <3 

After I graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I want to work for maybe a year, paying off loans and then attend the University of Arts in London (or well, one of the fashion schools in London) and get my masters in Fashion Design so I can be a fashion designer or a design assistant. Someday hopefully running my own company with my own line of clothes. Its a long shot but maybe someday. 

I can dream can't I?



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