Gold, Tan and Inspired By Yesterday

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday I saw a girl on campus in a outfit that looked like this. And tell ya what- I was totally in love with her look. I see this type of look that I love all the time. The effortless, European-inspired looks that I can only wish about pulling off. She was tall, thin and had long red hair. 

I really wish I could pull looks off like that. Maybe somedayy. 

So I added some gold knuckle rings to this look- I figured that minimalistic jewelry was totally needed for this gorgeous winter outfit. Dark nails and a pretty lip pull it together. 

Why Taylor Swift is in the collage I'm not sure- it was last minute but her skirt goes with this sort of tan color theme so it works :)

So I'm off to some more studying before I head over to Target. I have about 1/2 hour to work on this study guide more before I go outside *BRRR* to catch the bus. There is something about riding the bus that I love. Maybe its the people watching, because I seriously LOVE people watching. I like making up stories about their lives-



  1. I love those pleated leather shorts! So cute!

    1. Yeah!!!! They are super unique! I have never really seen anything like them before & they are super cute!!


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