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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I am on the hunt for the perfect bag. Now, as you probably have experienced yourself, that task is anything but easy. Above ^^^ are ones that I found on polyvore when getting ready for this post that seem to fit the bill; there seems to be a theme of totes, messengers, and satchels.  I picked some from various price zones, so they range from $50-$250 and then go super expensive (like the Prada one). 

Going along with my adult theme, and the reason for this post is because I've been searching for a tote to carry my books in for classes. Now, I do have a backpack that I LOVE and carries everything and more, but for days when I want to dress up some I needed a chic tote bag. 

So in my search for a specific tote, I took the bus and went to Target, bought a couple of things, and to kill the hour until the bus came back around I went to Marshalls. I was searching through the purses, just to look (we all know how that goes) and I fell in love with a Calvin Klein Tote but I decided I would wait, save up some cash, and then buy it in the future. BUT- I was searching and found a tote that I fell in love with.

( I tried finding it online but I couldn't find it :/ )  

But here it is: my Tommy Hilfiger tote.

I am SO excited about this tote bag. It is what I had been looking for (besides that Calvin Klein one- someday!!!!!!) 

I feel that this tote- is very professional and adult like, which was what I was going for. It was originally 99$ at the original sale price (like at a TH store) but 39$ at Marshalls marked down to 32$ . So I was a happy girl. I had seen another TH one that I had really really liked a couple months earlier at TJ Maxx but it was smaller and I decided to wait and I am SO happy that I did end up choosing to wait. 

This picture makes the bag look sort of longer in height when in reality the length is longer. Might of been the angle from the computer when the Image was taken. 

The pocket on the front is HUGE. 
What I REALLY love is the zippered pocket in the middle. Why? Its for a laptop. & its padded for one! So my 13' Macbook Pro slides right in easily and is protected which I really like.

Two small pockets on the inside and a small zippered pocket under that red tag that you see there on the inside right. 
Classic TH design all over.
All the detailing is gold. 
And a closer look at the front.

Personally, I love this tote. It was a satisfying deal in which I felt that I wasn't breaking my poor college student bank account too much (hahaha). I feel that I will be using this tote for a long, long while. 

& I half apologize for my somewhat disheveled hair and boring shirt- Its finals week and I am not perfect (a.k.a the "half" apology). 

Which purse above is your favorite? 



What I had originally gone to Target for ^^ These pens are amazing and my favorite- and I only had black so I bought the colored ones so I could use them to study with! PaperMate Flair<3 


  1. Im always searching for the perfect bag I want the Zara city bag. Lovely bag choice

    Carrieanne x

    1. Thanks! & Yessss that Zara one looks amazing!


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