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Monday, November 25, 2013

Cute For Class: After Workout Look

Hey Everyone! 
About an hour ago I rowed my first 5K with a time of 24 mins and 22 seconds. Personally I think that this is a wonderful thing for me and my friend Taylor said that I beat her first 5K's time with my first one, so I am super excited for this :)

So this look is almost what I am wearing atm. Which, looking down at my shirt... it IS striped... just smaller stripes so that is pretty amusing actually.

BUT ANYWAY- my favorite yoga pants (that I am wearing as I write this) are from Old Navy so I went on a Old Navy spree in Polyvore. (This is in no way an affiliated post this is just my using Old Navy today because I like the yoga pants and have a lot of tee shirts from there.)  Everything in the image above is Old Navy except for the Bag which is from target, the braclet which is from Etsy and I didn't pay attention to wear the earrings are from- silly me. 

So I put this look together for what I would wear after a workout to class. Yoga pants/leggings have become my staple since they are SO comfy and after a workout there is no way I want to try to put on jeans. So I pulled two different tops with coordinating scarves, and the grey sweatshirt off to the side is something that I would throw over on top of the tee shirt (with the scarf) If i was super cold. 

Minimal yet pretty accessories, ( i LOVE this bracelet, i am a HUGE sherlock fan <3 ) and a backpack to hold all your books (mine in real life is a purple Dakine one and its AMAZING- let me know if I should do a review). 

Okay- so thats all. I should go do some homework before I head over to the rowing room again. We have a nutritionist coming in to talk to us and get us on set meal plans so we stay healthy and eat better. I am so excited! I have a nutritionist at home and she is super helpful so i am looking forward to this! 



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