Friday, November 15, 2013

I've been working out. I joined crew so I've been working out every day and right now I am SO SORE. But I keep looking at the mirror and get excited about the healthy changes I am making to my body. 
So if any of you are working out a lot, trying to keep up with your resolutions before we hit the new year of 2014, and are not seeing the results that you want? Remember that quote above ^. 
"Remember why you started."
It really is that simple. 
Feel empowered when you are working out. Remember that you are doing so much more than those who are just laying on the couch saying that they will "work out tomorrow" Bullcarp. They won't. but you will! If you keep it up you will become addicted to the feeling of it! Its amazing!

I have to get up at 5AM on tuesdays and thursdays to run stairs (tues) and do cross fit (thurs) and I hate getting up that early and feel sick to my stomach every time. but after I am done I think. Okay that could have been worse. Stairs are the hardest for me. But I managed to do 40 mins with the Varsity Rowers. My body can do it there is no doubt but its just mental. Its about putting your mind over matter and pushing through. Think of the results, how you will feel after you run those stairs, exhausted, tired, but you will feel accomplished afterwords. You will be able to go "______name_____ look at what you did today! I bet a lot of other people didn't do that today!" 

All the power to you! YOU CAN DO THIS! And just think- if you get in the habit nowww... think about how easily that 'work out' resolution will be in Jan. 2014!

Ok- I have row in a half hour. 

Hope you feel inspired! 
You CAN do this.



  1. Hi there! This is 'sistercouture'. just letting you know i have changed the URL of my blog to so follow me on bloglovin' there!

  2. You sound very determined. I like that. I am trying so hard to exercise at least 3 days a week. I am inspired. Thank you!!

    1. I am very determined about this! I've fallen in love with my new sport and want my body to be able to preform at top performance.

      Keep up the exercising! 3 times a week is about what I did before I joined rowing- I always looked forward to those three days!

      I am glad you are inspired! That was the point of the post :)

      Thank you!!


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