Christmas Wish LIist 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

Because I am going to Paris in May 2014  I asked my Aunt for a Paris Laptop Skin for my computer! I am obsessing over all things Paris recently and can't wait to embark on my first trip to Europe. And it definitely won't be the last ;) 
Clothes! Well- I asked for gift cards so I could pick out clothes that I really like :) 
Wacom Pad! I asked my parents for a wacom pad for chirstmas this year. Each year my sister and I are allowed to pick out a "bigger" present. Usually its something technological. Last year I received a smart phone, and the year before that my sister and I received Kindle Fires right when they came out! (My mom said they are now on sale for $79 at lots of retailers. I HIGHLY recommend getting one for somebody as a Christmas gift! They are ALOT easier to use than nooks.) But anyway- about the wacom pad. I've asked for one to do my fashion illustrations on. And since I am picking up a graphic design minor it would be useful to become familiar with those programs.

Thats mainly what my list is this year.
Not much but thats fine with me!

OH- I did do a bit of black friday shopping today! Should I do a haul?

Hope your day was fantastic!

OHHH BTW- The big day is tomorrow! I am cutting my hair tomorrow. Most likely! :)



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