Winter Look #2: Polyvore

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter Look #2: Polyvore

At first I was obsessing with fall looks. But its shifting into more winter-y looks.  This one is still somewhat fall inspired but is a good transition into a winter look. Maybe changing the color of the boots to black would make it more winter-friendly. 

My parents surprised me with a visit today- how good it felt to hug my mom. I hadn't seen them in over a month and I was calling my mom crying a lot saying how much I missed her and my dad (my sister too but my parents more I will admit). I cried when I saw her. I've missed her so much. Only 5 days till I go home for thanksgiving but I wasn't handling not seeing her very well and this will last me till I go home :)

Hope everyone had a good day:)


P.s. Yes- the background is florals but I LOVE FLORALS no matter what season because they make me happy. I don't wear them all four seasons but I liked this background so I picked it :)


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