Photo Shoot at the Beach

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey everyone! Today I have sort of a OOTD except you can't really see my outfit. My best friend took the pictures but he didn't really take any specifically of my outfit but the ones that he took DID turn out nice so cudos-to-you Caleb!! (Btw.. thats his car in the first Image I am leaning against. its a 2006 Honda Civic. Her name is eL.)

The whole point of it was more of the sunset and me walking in the end- I was hoping more OOTD style but he is also a guy interested in cars and had no idea what he was doing but I thank you anyway for taking the pictures Caleb:)

So it was a really nice day and we decided to hang out and somehow ended up at the beach!

I had a good time with him- I didn't get back to the dorm till 3:30AM but thats alright because time with my best friend is time never wasted or dull for that matter :)

I love this image above tho- its my favorite I believe. It was fun having him take the pictures too! I appreciate it Caleb!

My jeans are Simply Vera by Vera Wang
My grey V-Neck Tee shirt is from Old Navy
 The plum jacket is from APT. 9
& the shoes I'm wearing & have in my hand are grey moccasins from Minnetonka.
(Jewelry details are down below)

These two rings and the other ring in a following picture are from Deb, they were in a set. They were on sale for $1.99 and I love the stacked/thin/multiple rings look so I decided to buy them. 

The only reason that this is edited is because I was without makeup and my hair was crazy- this was a spur of the moment photo shoot- so please don't mind. 

My gorgeous new watch from Charlotte Ruse (it was $16). Reminds me of the Michael Kors one.
I almost bought a yellow bag yesterday that was a line-for-line inspired one by Michael Kors- I didn't get it because I knew I was going to spend $$ at target but then I later saw a lady with a real one and I nudged Caleb in the arm and showed him and he was impressed that I knew what I was talking about!! haha

From the set from Deb

Caleb writing in the sand

& in these images you can see how long my hair is now- its really long. So be prepared for when I suddenly have it cut.
Part of me is still debating. I want my hair stylist to show me how short it would be before she cuts it and if its too short I won't do it and will let it grow more before I make the cut so its not TOO short, but I am really hoping to do it over thanksgiving.

Okay I've spent a hour uploading the images and writing this post. I should probably work on some homework. ( I have a presentation due tomorrow. I'm so nervous guys).

Have a good day!!



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