Perfect Winter Day Outfit: Polyvore

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Perfect Winter Day Outfit: Polyvore

Perfect Winter Day Outfit: Polyvore by hellosimpleme-1 featuring leather handbags

Hello Everyone!

As you can see by my posting (almost) everyday for a few days now I am trying to get my blog back into my priority list. Between all my clubs, crew, and band I am swamped with various meetings and no lack of assignments due- BUT time management is key and I feel awful letting my blog sit here without making posts. And it makes me happy (cheese-Z moment) so here I am trying to get back on track with Pictures of myself as well as polyvore so you know that I am not a robot or something.

For those of you who have read my last few posts you know that I am on my university's rowing team so we ran stairs yesterday morning at 5:45AM and ... it was still very rough for me at the moment but it was slightly if not only by a extreme small amount better than last week- and today I am not sore but tomorrow is cross fit at 5:50AM so Friday I will probably be sore from that because thats a whole different story although I like doing cross fit a lot. After I am done and sitting in class I have to smirk some- not to be rude- but to think that I already woke up and worked out and have been up for a few hours and everyone else just rolled out of bed for that class. Kinda amusing actually because I never dreamed that I would be an athlete in college. But low and behold. I'm a athlete ladies and gentleman and I am becoming totally obsessed with my new sport ( I feel like I have said that before- hmm).

ANYWAY- enough about my crazy college life. This outfit <3 If I had the wardrobe, something like this is what i would have worn today. The dark colors for late fall/winter obviously, and the fur vest to make it warmer. For some reason I am really into the look of vests which is weird for me because usually I don't pay attention to them at all nor wear them. & Thats turning into a lie because I have a purple vest that I got for my birthday last year that I have been wearing again and again this semester.

Okay- the four hair images. The bun was the original image I picked for this look but then came upon the one of Jennifer Lawrence and she is GORGEOUS so I had to include her because the dark colors of her makeup could go with this look. The girl with the long hair and bangs- thats pretty much how my hair looks now so I had to include it, besides the fact that my bangs have been pulled back a lot recently because they are growing out. & Scarlett Johansson she is amazing- and I love her shorter hair in this pic ( guys I am going on a shorter hair obsession right now. Which will last till I cut mine then I will obsess over long hair but I am really liking the short hair.)

Okay- thats a long post! I should probably finish that essay that is due tomorrow... -.-



  1. I love that velvet Topshop skirt! I have a similar one from American Apparel and it's perfect for winter

    1. Awesome! I am tempted to buy one within the next few weeks! We are going to the mall over the weekend so I am bound to be keeping an eye out for a winter-esk skirt! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It definitely is a winter staple! I need to get one!


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