Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stuck on you

OMG- yeah. Another sweater polyvore post! I mean come on' Kels, you only post every so often now cause of school... but GUYSSS LOOKKKKK... they have animals on them :D They are sweaters + cute animals. You CAN'T go wrong with that.

Yeah so its official. I am still stuck on sweaters.  And its getting colder here at school so that makes it even more sweater season and I need to buy a few more- but I just bought some new yoga pants (want a recent clothing hall when they come in? Leave a comment and let me know, it will be Old Navy + Lane Bryant)

I saw the bunny one first and subconsciously went 'oh no... not another sweater post..' but have mercy because its that time of year again;) Sorry i've been so boring recently with all the sweaters. I am obsessed.

I am happy I managed to sneak in this post in between working on my final presentation for my Fashion class and my presentation for my Criminal justice class as well.

Hang in there guys: Thanksgiving then Christmas breaks will be here soon and I will be able to post more then ;) school is just so insane- and I just joined a sport, so to throw a sport into the mix makes it even more insane than before BUT it is wonderful via working out and such and clears my mind.  I keep using it as a reason but seriously... other college bloggers will probably know how I  feel. I've been meaning to do a Liebster Award post again- I got my 2nd nomination! I am so excited!! So I need to do that soon :) Its been written in my planner since I saw I was nominated again.

OH- With christmas around the corner.. what are you guys wishing for this christmas? 
I will tell you mine soon-



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