Scaredy Cat

Monday, November 18, 2013

Presentation day guys!

I have a presentation at 11:45 so this is what I am wearing. As well as black dress pants and the black bow flats from my Vera Wang + Haul.

I have to give a presentation for my criminal justice class and this was the outcome.
(the background looks weird and has mirrors because I am in my fashion classroom waiting for my fashion class to start and practicing my speech.

I tell you what- I am  NOT one for public speaking.

I thought this one was going to be awful? What about my 15 min one for my fashion class!? I'm going to like fall over or something.

I'm a scaredy cat. Yes.


My jacket and white blouse are thrifted, my scarf my mom made for me, pants from Lane Bryant and shoes ( I don't remember- I think its in my Vera Wang Haul) 


  1. You have a beautiful blog!!
    Follow us :)

  2. I'm really nervous about public speaking too! Hope everything went well :)

    1. I actually ended up being moved to next monday because there wasn't enough time. Talk about nerve wracking! I hope it goes well on that day- thank you!! :)

  3. Heyyy! Lovely blog! Would like to stay in touch!
    Lets follow each other?? Follow and I'll follow right back ^_^

    1. Thanks so much! & Sure I will take a look at your blog :)


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