Mall Trip: OOTD

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hey everyone! Today is my first college related OOTD (that you can see the outfit -- unlike the beach OOTD lol)! My roommate and I went to the mall and did some shopping (Want a haul? Leave a comment below!) and here is what I wore! Behind me is my closet door (on the right) and my roommates on the left. My laptop was sitting on my dresser and I figured well it might not be the best way to do the OOTD but atm its the best since I don't have a tripod or a great camera.

My pink hat and scarf were knitted by my Grandma. 
My white cardigan is actually a thrifted find and my black leggings are from Calvin Klein ( a wonderful find from Ross ;) ) 
Boots are from Lands End
Charlotte Russe Watch
Necklace I bought at the mall today. From Rue 21. It was only $2 And i've been wanting a monogramed necklace for a long time so for $2 I was like YEAH!
Under my cardigan I wore a black tee shirt From Old Navy 
AND GUYS! GUESS WHAT I DID! I GOT MY CARTILAGE PIERCED TWICE! I got it done on my right ear at Pagoda and my roommate got hers  done twice on her left ear. I was SO NERVOUS. At first I wasn't going to and she was going to get hers done but then the girl was like you should get yours done too! & now- i've been wanting to get mine done for a LONG TIME but have just been to scared to just simply do it and the girl was trying to make me feel better and convince me and then I thought of this quote I found while I was working out the other day ( I am always on pint rest when i am working out on the bike at the gym) that says something like "Instead of saying 'Well, maybe' say 'Hell yeah!'"
I did ;)

& BTW: It didn't actually hurt that bad- I was truly and utterly surprised !! So if your scared it isn't that bad. The 2nd one hurt a bit more than the first though because my ear was tender from the first one but that one wasn't that bad haha!
And to be quite honest- I LOVE IT!

& I've been doing some 'soul searching' if you will- trying to figure out what the heck I want to do with my life and so on and so forth and I've been trying to discover who the hell I truly am- and I feel like doing this was a HUGE step in that. I mean- I got the piercing.. like for myself mine you because I am 18 so I did this without asking my mom which is a huge step for me! And for those of you who might be like WHAT YOU DIDN'T ASK?! -- YEAH. but HAY If she is that upset I can take them out. They are definitely LESS PERMANENT than a tattoo would be and I really really really want one of those.

So I now have my cartilage done, I am cutting my dear long hair off in a week, I am getting in shape because of rowing--
I am finally discovering who I am supposed to be <3 <3 <3 <3 <3



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