HAUL: Charlotte Russe + Hello Kitty

Monday, August 19, 2013

Long time no see eh? whaaaat? Ya think i'm skipping out on ya? Oh no, I might be heading to college soon but my blog and readers are always on my mind <3 
Went to Charlotte Russe yesterday on my way home from vacation! ;)

Only bought two items ( well actually, my mother did ) but they will for sure be staples and wont be the last items I get!     Remember that Kohls gift card I magically found, well there was also a target one for $10 so I will have a haul for ya once I decide on what I want at school :)

Beautiful Chevron maxi skirt! It sits like at my waist.. like my natural under the bust really high waist.. and personally I love it and cant wait to style it! It is like a pale olive green and white Chevron. 

And under it is a short slip, so my legs kinda show through. Not this season but its still super prettyyyyyy. And Yeah I'm a fashion major and I should follow trends but I kinda tend to beat to my own drum and look for sale items (this was $12) xD 

AHHH! GUYSSS!! I found a shirt like the one I had found on polyvore! The one from my back to school outfits that looked like this but was I think like a aqua color(?) I found a rusty pink one! Onnnn saleeeee! $7.50 uhmmm.... can you say good deal and a happy Kelsey!?!

These are NOT from Charlotte Russe, but my grandmother bought these for me as a surprise and gave them to me when I saw her wednesday night, because of my hello kitty obsession ;) i might just wear them... like ALOT.

Are you obsessed with hello kitty too??



  1. I love the skirt so much, and I am not even a skirt fan.

    1. That definitely tells me it was a good find then!

  2. You have good taste I love that top, and LOVE the hello kitty earrings i wear my little white stud hello kitty earrings obsessively lol
    followed you with GFC, hope u can check out mine :D

    1. Thanks! & Ikr! I cant wait to wear them like everywhere ;)

      & I will happily do that :)

  3. Wow! We just got a charlotte russe in our local mall. I've been coveting a chevron skirt, so I'm going to have to go and check them out asap!
    Cute blog, found you via heartifb!


    1. Thats awesome! My nearest Charlotte Russe is two hours away, but where I am going to University has a big mall so I think there is one in it so I'm pumped!:) Go and definitely check them out! This one was on sale for $12 which is a steal!

      &Thanks! I loveeee IFB:D

  4. Obsessed with Charlotte Russe! I'd love if you checked out mine
    xx www.Folio-V.com

    1. I understand why; its such a great store!! &I would be delighted to !


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