OOTD: Football Game+Night Out With the Girls

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hey everyone! A couple of my best girl friends and I are going to go to a big football game tonight and then just have some fun together before school starts soon! So I played it simple with my outfit, my jeans (were just in a haul from a few days ago) are from Rue 21, my Vintage tee is from old navy ( i have like 10 of these in various colors/cuts because they are so versatile) and my bracelet was a christmas present from my friend Brianna, my earrings I've had for a long time so I don't remember (sorry -.-) and my gladiator sandals I have had for a couple summers and I think they were from Kohls or Bon Ton I dont really remember so I apologize again. (And not pictured but I will probably be taking a sweatshirt with my HS logo and such on it for when it gets cold tonight)
And BEFORE anyone asks- yes I realize in this picture my cheek looks funny, and it is because I had my wisdom teeth out (both top and bottom this side, just top on the right) so thats why its still swollen, but I wanted to get a OOTD post up for you guys, swollen face or not. Just so you know.

&My makeup is pretty simple, pretty much my everyday summer look (when I do wear makeup) I tried getting a closer picture but my eyes looked weird so I didn't get much closer but the lipstick I have on is one of my favorites even though is a darker color I love it <3 its Sugared Maple in Clinique's Long Lasting Lipstick (its seriously one of my favorites!) 

&I'm outside in my backyard in all these pictures so If you like them outside like this, leave a comment and while I am still at home until school I will try to always take my OOTD pictures outside- Weather permitting of course ;) 

&my hair is kinda curled. I washed it this morning and then tried curling it (which doesn't work with my hair btw) but it still kinda curled and still looks pretty by me. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)



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