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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dorm Room

Hey guys! Haven't been on here for a few days :(  I was going to post something yesterday and took pictures for it and everything but then, my phone fell in water and is now like... idk its alive but the screen isnt working so I didnt get to upload the pictures. I went to a CVS yesterday and bought some products from Rimmel London to try because I have a eyeshadow trio that i LOVE, so I wanted to try some of the other products(I bought a foundation, powder, gel eyeliner, and mascara). I'll try them for a few days then use my webcam to take pictures if my phone doesnt revive itself. -.-

As you can see from this polyvore post, its Dorm inspired! I move in next saturday the 31st and my last day of work is the 26th (only 2 more days!), and as you can see by all the school related posts and polyvore images that I am one EXCITED girl for college.

I have a few back to school posts in mind and I am hoping to get them up while I am at Univ. and the next few days as I get my stuff together but truthfully I have no idea if that will happen for sure since its pretty chaotic right now. & Plus we have a whole 'welcome week' schedule once I am at Univ. so we are doing stuff constantly; so the only time I would be able to put up a post is late at night for the first couple days till welcome week is over. I'm hoping once I have a few days of classes and getting used to everything I will be able to come up with a weekly schedule that would be made up of a couple regular postings even though there wont be as many as there have been during this summer. I am sure you-all understand.

Any tips for this college freshman to be?



  1. Best luck on your college <3


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